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Plugging holes is one of the easiest ways to improve airflow and efficiency in any raised floor environment. If air can escape through holes in a raised floor you limit the effectiveness of containment and decrease your cooling efficiency.


RLE’s patent pending fire rated foam grommets seal cutouts in raised floors and show an immediate efficiency return.

Our foam grommets split quickly and easily into two parts. This means you can use our split integral grommets whole or quickly split them into halves for installation around existing cables or pipes, or against a flat edge. Four screws provided to ensure a secure installation.

Our grommets are in stock and available to purchase.  Buy one RLE grommet or several grommets at a time. Whether you need one grommet or a box full, we’re happy to help.

RLE Grommets Feature:

  • Foam composition seals better and lets less air escape than the leading competitor
  • Split design is easy to insert around any size cable bundle in existing cutouts
  • Fulfills best practice guidelines for data center containment scenarios
  • Flame rated to meet facility safety requirements
  • 4 screws provided to ensure a secure installation

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6″ Round Grommet Specifications

Overall Size: 7.5” x 1.75” (19.05cm x 4.45cm)

Height Above Floor: 0.25” (0.635cm)

Hole Cut Diameter: 6.0” (15.24cm)

  • Minimum: 5.78” (14.68cm)
  • Maximum: 6.22” (15.8cm)

Usable Cable Area: 15.9 in2 (102.6 cm2)


  • Frame: Polypropylene; 20% Talc filled
  • Foam: Ensolite SF0

Flame Rating

  • Frame: UL94 H-B
  • Foam: UL94 HF-1

Compatibility: Compatible with all new and existing raised floor systems

Country of Origin: United States of America

$19.85 Add to Cart